Tipi Wedding Trends for 2023

There are many benefits to having your wedding in a tipi. Tipi venues can be more cost effective when compared to some traditional venues and they provide a blank canvas to make your special day truly unique to you. Other positives include having outdoor and indoor space, making for a day full of variety for your guests, with plenty of opportunity to soak up the surrounding countryside and some warm sunshine.

Wondering what decor goes well inside a tipi? Here are our predicted trending styles for tipi weddings in 2023. 

Minimalist Themed Wedding

In 2023, less is definitely more, as the trend for minimalist styling at weddings is becoming ever more popular. This modern way of theming focuses on detail outside of grand floral table displays, bringing sleek modern touches. Ideal if a traditional wedding is not your cup of tea. With this type of styling you can experiment with colours you’d never usually imagine at a wedding, such as black, like in the image below.

Minimalist Wedding Style
Styling by Junie Poonie

Bohemian Themed Wedding

The rise of boho brides continues through 2023 as the world becomes more at one with nature post pandemic. Neutral earthy tones and rustic touches compliment a tipi very well, which explains why it is the most popular theme for this type of venue. 

If you and your partner enjoy the outdoors, then a tipi wedding is ideal for you, as the boho theme helps bring your love for the countryside to your special day. Use neutral tones, pale floral displays, lace detail and sheep skin to make the indoors feel like outdoors.

This style is perfect for eco-minded brides and grooms, as you can use reclaimed furniture and recycled materials to add character to your wedding. Sheepy Meadows tipi has over 500 solar panels, meaning your wedding could be completely ran on renewable energy. 

Styling By Make It Special Events

Festival Themed Wedding

Not every tipi wedding has to be neutral tones. If you and your partner enjoy the fun side to life and want to channel your vibrant personalities into your wedding, then a festival theme could be the one for you. Bring bright colours, funky florals, glitter and live music to your day and make it a celebration to remember. The combination of indoor tent space and rustic outdoor area at Sheepy Meadows tipi fits this theme so well, making it feel authentic. Get imaginative with your catering and elevate the experience by using suppliers that have the style of catering you’d typically see at a real festival.

Styling by Make It Special Events

Classic Themed Wedding

When you think of tipi weddings you may not think traditional… well you’d be wrong. As mentioned earlier,  tipi venues supply a blank canvas, allowing for any theme to suit. With a plethora of natural light at your disposal, you can elevate your whites and make the classic look really pop! Make your special day truly unique for both you and your guests by collaberating a traditional theme to a modern venue. 

Think Bridgerton meets Glastonbury!

Styling by Make It Special Events
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