5 Creative Photo Ideas to Make You Love Rain on Your Wedding Day!

We’ve all been there. Big plans for an exciting day outdoors, beautiful blue skies leading up to the day, and sun cream at the ready… only for it to start raining cats and dogs as soon as you step outside! It’s one of the biggest worries couples have about their big day. Luckily for us, our tipis are as stunning inside as the surroundings they’re set in, so you won’t have to worry about your day being a washout. But if you’re still worried that bad weather will put a dampener on your day, fear not. We’ve collected some incredible photo ideas by talented photographers to show you just how beautiful rain on your wedding day can be.

Photo Op 1: Umbrellas

Our best friend when its raining (but not so much when it’s windy!), umbrellas make for fantastic wedding photos. Whether you choose a bright umbrella to contrast grey skies, a personalized wedding umbrella to match your styling, or a transparent umbrella to capture some creative shots, we love the way these unusual wedding accessories look! Ask your photographer about lighting the inside of the umbrella for some stunning evening shots.

Photo Op 2: Raining Glitter

Those clever wedding photographers aren’t going to let a little thing like rain spoil your wedding photos! And one of our favourite tricks we’ve seen photographers use is lighting the rain from behind, creating the illusion of glitter falling down around the happy couple. This is particularly effective once it starts to get dark, resulting in romantic images that can be cherished forever.

Photo Op 3: Wellie Boots

When the skies start to pour, dig out your trusty wellies for some fun photos! From bright, patterned wellies to light-up, glittery wellies, we love the way they contrast with formal dresses and suits. Splash in puddles and trail through the mud, embracing your inner child, and you’ll end up with some gorgeous photos full of happy faces. Wellies are a great accessory for festival weddings, and you can even get personalised wedding wellies!

Photo Op 4: When it Rains, Look for Rainbows

Who doesn’t love seeing a rainbow painted across grey skies? And without the rain, we wouldn’t see them! A gorgeous touch of colour, rainbows are said to be a promise of good things to come – the perfect sentiment for your wedding day. If you’re lucky enough to be rewarded a rainbow, make the most of it, and get outside for some beautiful photos.

Photo Op 5: Embrace the Rain!

As much as we all wish we could, we can’t control the weather, so when you can’t beat it, join it! Embrace the weather in all its glory, creating some fun memories as you dance in the rain. We’ve seen brides frolic in muddy bare feet, grooms drinking beer in the pouring rain, and children getting absolutely drenched as they giggle and play outside. It makes for natural, playful photos that everyone will enjoy reliving for years to come. Why not bottle up a little rain to keep as a memento of your special day? Or consider a second dress to change into for some beautiful rain photos?

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